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Authentic, Sincere and Successful - Today's Women!

During this one-day seminar Gunilla Demnert will give you the tools to explore and understand your own identity and values. These will then help you to be authentic and sincere in your communications.


In an environment where the male leadership style is still the norm it can often be a challenge for women leaders to stay true to their own personality and spirit.


This one-day seminar is about understanding the forces within the corporate culture and the different conditionings men and women carry with them. It is about getting to know yourself and your own values, making choices and ultimately to become a sincere, focused and successful woman leader, at work and in private.


Gunilla Demnert has some 30 years as CFO and executive of a number of international, listed companies. She now runs her own company, Leadership & Gender, assisting individuals to find a prosperous balance in life.


This one-day seminar is offered exclusively to professional women between 25 and 35, at a special rate of £ 100 per person.


Date: 25th October 2008 This event has already taken place. Please contact us to find out the next opportunity.

Time: 10.00-16.30

Venue: Central London


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